Founder, Frank Handwork

Frank Handwork is a veteran in the air pollution control and pneumatic conveying equipment industries. Those who know Frank may even refer to him as the expert with nearly 60 years of experience. There would be no Camcorp history without him.

Frank started at Mikropul in 1962 as a print boy, an important job of the time and what now we could consider a lost art. He ran the ammonia rolls that turned engineering drawings into prints to give to customers. As he got older, he became a draftsman and worked his way up in the Mikropul organization, serving in various engineering and customer support management roles. Because of his success selling air pollution control (APC) and pneumatic conveying equipment and systems, Frank was selected to start the Canada location for Mikropul. From there, he managed the $25 million MikroPulseTM product line.

In the early 1970s, Frank was talking to a friend about what to do next, and they thought, “We can build this stuff.” Frank moved down to Houston, Texas, and together they started the Fabric Filters Corporation. By 1980, they had sold Fabric Filters Corporation, and Frank was back in Kansas City as the National Manager of Air Pollution Control at MAC Equipment.

Nearly a decade later, after serving in sales and engineering management, Frank saw that there were customers that had unique processing problems that standard air pollution control equipment could not solve. He wanted to provide equipment that was designed according to their application and requirements. In late 1993, Frank started CAMCO (Clean Air Management Company), a company that would later be re-named Camcorp, that provided flexible designs for a variety of specialized powder bulk applications.

Today, Frank is still designing air pollution control and pneumatic conveying solutions for Camcorp key accounts. Many of which date back to the beginning of Camcorp. He still maintains “The Book,” which proudly contains every project purchase order that Camcorp receives.

CAMCO (Clean Air Management Company) established by Frank Handwork, an industry veteran.

November 29, 1993

After seeing European cartridge filtration technology, Frank wanted to introduce this technology to the US and establish CAMCO as a leader of this technology as well.


CAMCO- First Brochure

Frank lands CAMCO’s first project.

February 1, 1994

A pneumatic conveying system was sold and installed at a tire recycling company.

CAMCO First Pneumatic Conveying System drawing

CAMCO First System

CAMCO becomes CAMCORP, Inc.

July 10, 1995

CAMCORP first sales flyer

Sales Flyer

CAMCORP designs and sells its first generation Reverse Air Sweep Arm Filter “SWF” dust collector

October 1, 1995

Inside of SWF reverse air dust collector

CAMCORP’s first large job is a testament to the business philosophy that continues to this day

April 14, 1997

A longstanding CAMCORP customer and CAMCORP manufacturers rep, Atlantic Process System’s Bill Alsted met on a Friday afternoon in Pennsylvania to discuss a project requiring pneumatic conveying system and filter receivers. On Saturday morning they had the job.  Since then, CAMCORP and Atlantic Process System have worked together to sell millions in air pollution control and pneumatic conveying systems.

CAMCORP first filter receiver sale

CAMCO First Sale Equipment

CAMCORP growth continues and becomes a family-run business

February 1, 1998

Frank serves as President, Frank’s step-son Mike Milberger becomes Vice-President of Operations. With the same customer now bringing multiple projects to CAMCORP, sub-contracting the fabrication work to sheet metal shops was becoming much too challenging. Frank and Mike pursued bringing manufacturing in-house to keep up with demand and control quality.

CAMCORP acquired the old Bact Engineering facility in Willow Springs, Missouri and created CAMCORP Manufacturing

June 8, 1999

The building boasted 44K square feet of manufacturing space.  Frank and Mike purchased brand-new, state-of-the-art equipment to produce high-quality air pollution control and pneumatic conveying equipment.

CAMCORP Willow Springs facility

CAMCORP Manufacturing Shop

CAMCORP Redesigns the “SWF” Filter

June 4, 2001

The “SWF” Reverse Air Filter is completely redesigned to be more efficiently produced and accommodate customer requests for ease of installation as well as decreasing maintenance time.

CAMCORP Manufacturing expands its facility to 65,000 sq. ft.

January 18, 2006

The expansion supported the reverse air dust collector in response to the increased demand for ethanol solutions. Two paint rooms are also added to the expansion.

Aerial view of CAMCORP manufacturing facility

CAMCORP Manufacturing Shop

CAMCORP Designs the Reverse Air High Velocity Pulse “HVP” Filter

April 16, 2007

Based on incorporating the same operating principals as the “SWF” filter CAMCORP designed the “HVP” filter to clean the filter media with a pulse of air generated by a pressure displacement pump rather than the high-pressure fan that the “SWF” filter uses.

reverse air dust collector HVP series

CAMCORP Reverse Air Dust Collection

CAMCORP designs the Vertical Cartridge CAM-AIRO Collector

September 7, 2010

Several members of the CAMCORP team, headed up by Tracy Janssen and Craig Kauffman, worked on designing a cartridge dust collector that would replace the traditional horizontal cartridge design.  The team came up with the CAM-AIROTM collector.  A dust collector where the cartridges are installed with the operator being external to the collector and the cartridges are in a vertical configuration.

Inside view of vertical cartridge CAM AIRO dust collector

CAMCORP CAM-AIRO Cartridge Collector

CAMCORP, Inc. and CAMCORP Manufacturing are acquired by the Scheuch Group, GmbH

April 4, 2016

scheuch logo



With in-house manufacturing capabilities, CAMCORP is able to monitor and control the output and quality through its wholly-owned production facility centrally located in Willow Springs, MO.


CAMCORP, a leader in ventilation and environmental technology equipment, became a member of the Scheuch Group in 2016. The Scheuch Group with subsidiaries all around the world and headquarters in Aurolzmünster, Upper Austria, is known to be one of the leading global players in the area of air and environmental technology.


Not only do we design, build, and support reliable air pollution control and bulk material handling equipment, we also build trust in all that we do.