2020 - 1st Quarter

Tony will write about his vision and tell the reps how important their role is.

Mike will have a welcome statement here to promote the new CAMCORP Reps.

Hello!  As the new National Sales Manager – Outside Sales Representatives, I must share how excited I am about CAMCORP’s strategic initiatives for 2020.  It involves you, our valued representatives, as you are the front line of our company.   One of the strategic initiatives is to build and support a first-class representative sales force.  This will be achieved through working closely with you, our partners, to share our vision, passion, and core values as a company through training, development, teamwork, and collaborative communications.  Our hope is this newsletter will become an effective means to share what going on at CAMCORP, provide product profiles, sales ideas, and more as together we build a highly cohesive team.

With that in mind, this newsletter is only a worthwhile investment if it benefits you.  This newsletter is YOURS!  We want your input.  As you read this newsletter, please let us know what you like and dislike.  What information do you want included in the newsletter?   Do project profiles add value?  If you have a sales tips or sales approaches that has been opening more doors or closing more sales, please share.  Is there information on specific industries you would like to know more about?  Please, let us know what would be beneficial to you, your team, your efforts. 

I’ve already had the privilege to meet with several of our representatives.  Thank you for carving time out of your busy schedules to meet with me.  My intent is to travel to see each of you to gain understanding and perspective of your business activities and to best understand how CAMCORP can support your efforts.  Until we have a chance to meet, please feel free to call me or know I will be calling in the near future to introduce myself.  Please let me know how CAMCORP and myself can be of assistance with your dust collection and pneumatic conveying applications. Let’s knock 2020 out of the park… together!

Tom will draft an article for the newsletter and send it to Mike. Then Mike will send the article to Sarah. Sarah will then copy and paste the article into the newsletter and format it so it looks nice and will make all the reps call Tom and say I want a quote….no I want a quote…no I want a quote. And then Tom says Oh My Gosh I have so many quotes to do, I’m so busy making money.


While the name may imply aftermarket sales, our team does more than just sell components to support CAMCORP’s equipment and systems.  Whether you need parts for CAMCORP’s equipment or the competitor’s equipment, our Aftermarket Sales Team (Dana, Scott, and James) can provide assistance.  Our team is ready to support your part needs and to assist in troubleshooting issues our customers may be having.

Sales Tip:  Looking for a way into a customer site with competitor’s equipment?  Why not lead in with offering replacement parts. Yes, competitor’s replacement parts!  Several of our reps use this approach with good success.  Due to the rep’s relationship with the customer, we have also been given complete spare parts lists for quoting.  What an opportunistic approach to enhance your relationship and oftentimes learn about upcoming projects.

On January 31, 2020 the CAMCORP Team rallied for our Kansas City Chiefs at our annual Festivus Celebration.  This year’s Festivus had special meaning as our hometown team played for the title of Super Bowl LIV Champions.  Our CAMCORP family is not only passionate about the Kansas City Chiefs, we are also passionate about the work we do for our customers.  Passion is one the core ingredients used to fuel the CAMCORP team.  We look forward to working with you in 2020 as we develop a winning strategy together.



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