CAMCORP has a large selection of round filter receivers that are designed with flexibility in mind.  Ease of maintenance is critical to your productivity which is why we have multiple options to choose from:  top bag, side bag, or walk-in clean air plenum access.  Round filter receivers can be designed using conventional bags with cages or pleated filter elements.   Typically, when sizing a round filter receiver, they will have higher dust loading and lower air-to-cloth ratio compared to standard dust collection systems.

Round filter receivers are often found at the end of a pressure or vacuum pneumatic conveying system and designed for low or high and pressure or vacuum conditions from – 20 Hg to 14.9 PSIG.

Series of round filter receivers installed on roof of facility connected to pneumatic conveying system


  • Rotary airlocks
  • Butterfly valves
  • Double dump valves
  • Hopper vibrators
  • Hopper impactors
  • Hopper aeration pads
  • Hopper heaters
  • Vibratory bin dischargers
  • Insulation
  • Conveying diverter valves
  • Gravity diverter
  • Broken bag detectors
  • Tubing, pipe, elbows, couplings
  • Instrumentation

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Removable Dished Head Design

Drawing of top removal dished head design round cartridge pneumatic receiver with 37 to 180 cartridges

Side Bottom Access Design

Drawing of bottom removal round cartridge pneumatic receiver 4 to 102 cartridges

Side Bottom Access Design

Drawing of bottom removal round cartridge pneumatic receiver 114 to 180 cartridges

Top Access Door Design

Drawing of top removal round cartridge pneumatic receiver

Walk-In Clean Air Plenum Design

Drawing of CAMCORP walk in round cartridge removal of pneumatic receiver

Learn more about unique filter receiver solutions for a wide range of industrial applications.

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Chemical - Ammonium Zinc Sulfate


Plastic - Pellet Powder

Project profile featuring vacuum blower package and pleated element filter receiver
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