No compressed air? No problem.

CAMCORP medium-pressure dust collectors operate in the same manner as our traditional pulse jet dust collectors, however, instead of using plant compressed air to clean the bags CAMCORP cartridge collectors use air compressed by means of an integral rotary lobe blower. The diaphragm valves on the dust collector are designed to allow more cleaning air at a lower pressure to clean the bags or cartridges.

CAMCORP supplies the rotary lobe blower package along with the dust collectors we supply. The blower package includes a pressure relief valve to not over-pressurize the compressed air header. When properly sized, one blower package can be used for several dust collectors. CAMCORP offers the same features and options on our medium pressure pulse jet dust collectors as our traditional pulse jet dust collectors.



  • All welded heavy-duty construction
  • Structural supports engineered for location
  • Pressure/vacuum rating +/- 20” W.C.
  • Standard materials of construction: carbon steel, or stainless steel
  • Standard electrical: NEMA 4 timer and solenoid enclosures
  • On-demand cleaning timer board optional
  • Instrumentation for remote monitoring
  • Explosion venting per NFPA 68
  • OSHA approved service platforms
  • Blower packages
  • Inlet filter
  • Paint standard white or envirogreen industrial 2-part epoxy
  • Structural supports
  • Service platforms
  • Explosion venting
  • Explosion proof electrical
  • Higher pressure/vacuum rating
  • Bin Vent style
  • Wide bag spacing
  • Customized paint

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