CAMCORP’s pleated bag elements can be used for most applications where typical baghouse collectors are specified. Advantages of this style collector are the lower headroom requirements and higher efficiencies than standard baghouse dust collectors. Pleated elements are available in both top load and bottom/side load configurations. Pleated elements are available in 100% Spun bonded polyester, PTFE laminated spun bonded polyester, food grade and high temperature. All of the same features and options are available in our line of pleated element dust collectors as are offered in our standard pulse jet baghouse dust collection line of products.

CAMCORP’s qualified sales representatives will help select the right size and configuration pleated element dust collector for your application.


  • All welded heavy-duty construction
  • Housing rated for +/- 20” W.C. or as required
  • Standard materials of construction: carbon steel, stainless steel, or other alloys
  • Standard electricals: NEMA 4 timer and solenoid enclosures
  • Standard white or envirogreen 2-part epoxy
  • Structural supports
  • Service platforms
  • Explosion venting
  • Explosion proof electrical
  • Higher pressure/vacuum rating
  • Bin Vent style
  • Walk-in clean air plenum
  • Wide cartridge spacing
  • Customized paint

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Bottom Side Element Removal Design

Bottom Side Element Removal Design

Bottom Side Element Removal Design

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Top Access Door Design

Top Access Door Design

Walk-In Clean Air Plenum Design

Walk-In Clean Air Plenum Design

Learn more about pleated bag element solutions for a wide range of industrial applications.

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