Green CAMCORP medium pressure reverse air dust collector installed on top of grain elevator

If your organization requires a reverse air dust collector, you’ve come to the right place!

Reverse Air Dust Collector


Facility managers know they need a state-of-the-art reverse air dust collector system to ensure their facilities operate safely and efficiently at their highest capacity.

Our reverse air dust collector models HVP™ (medium pressure) and SWF™ (low pressure) are the premium choice for processing and manufacturing industries where it’s common to work with high air volumes that involve heavy dust loading.

A chief reason a facility manager relies on CAMCORP reverse-air dust collectors is that they require no plant compressed air for cleaning the filters. To that end, CAMCORP leads the industry, offering the most standard sizes and customizable configurations available on the market today to solve all types of dust collection challenges. The capacities of our equipment range to more than 250,000 CFM.

Options include low-pressure air filters and medium-pressure air filters so that you can order the most suitable type for your application.

CAMCORP installed low pressure reverse air dust collectors with explosion venting collecting edibles dust at food facility

About Our Reverse Air Dust Collectors

Installed reverse air low pressure CAMCORP model SWF series for trim paper

Low-Pressure SWF™ Reverse Air Dust Collector

We designed the CAMCORP SWF Series Low-Pressure Reverse-Air Dust Collector to be continuous duty that is self-cleaning for the convenience of our customers.  Its constantly rotating arm with integral venturis directs cleaning air into the inside of the filters.  The cleaning air is provided by an internally-mounted centrifugal pressure blower located in the clean air side of the reverse air dust collector.  These two features create an energy-efficient, low-pressure bag cleaning system that saves you money and time.

You can count on it for effective and economical operation. Companies prefer our low-pressure reverse air filter because it does not require any plant compressed air. Because of this convenience, it is the dust collector of choice for organizations with a pressing need to focus on dry particulate removal safely and efficiently.


CAMCORP stainless steel reverse air dust collector model 10HVP504 collecting DDGS at Ethanol plant

Ethanol – DDGS

Medium-Pressure HVP™ Reverse Air Dust Collector

CAMCORP’s HVP Series Medium-Pressure Reverse Air Dust Collector is also continuous duty and self-cleaning. As is the case with our low-pressure system, we designed this filter to operate as economically as possible,  requiring no plant compressed air for cleaning of the filters.

Much like the SWF Series, the HVP includes a constantly rotating arm with integral venturis directing cleaning air into the inside of the filters.  The cleaning air of the HVP Series, however, is provided by a positive displacement (PD) pump mounted remotely at a convenient location.  This PD pump provides higher pressure air than the SWF Series blower and thus higher energy cleaning for more difficult dust applications. We developed this equipment to be suitable for use in a wide range of dry particulate removal applications.


CAMCORP develops low-pressure (SWF) and medium-pressure (HVP), reverse air dust collectors, following industry best practices. Here’s an overview of their main features:

All welded, heavy-duty construction
Structural supports, including skirted
+/- 20" W.C. pressure/vacuum ratingService platforms and ladders
Carbon steel constructionExplosion venting
Paint color is white industrial enamelInternal service light
Tool-free bag/cage installation and removal Quick inspection viewport
Convenient access to filter bags and the components of the internal cleaning system through the walk-in clean air plenumWater drain
Weld structural supports to the welded housing to reduce time and cost of installationExternally mounted centrifugal pressure blower fans
Round clean-air exhaust outlet, sized as requiredCustomized paint
Conical hopper maintains a 60-degree side slope and includes an access port and flanged dischargeSectionalized or flanged construction
Custom inlets
Rectangle or square outlet
Huge selection of filter bags, cages, and pleated elements
Sprinkler kits
Probes: thermocouples, dust level
Monitors: emissions and flow


CAMCORP reverse air dust collector model 10HVP504 collecting grain dust

Agriculture – Grain Dust

You have specialized requirements in your facility. Accordingly, CAMCORP offers a range of options and accessories.  Choosing the right filter media for the application can be a daunting task.  CAMCORP experts will help you determine the right filter media from our extensive filter bag and pleated element catalog.

If fire and explosion protection is important to your design, CAMCORP can provide recommendations on sprinkler kits, grounding, and explosion venting options to help keep your operations running safely.

This list is not comprehensive and is meant to provide you with an overview of the various options available. Please contact us today if you have questions about specific features and options for your system.

Environmental Health and Safety (EHS)

CAMCORP is fully invested in helping our customers maintain the safety and security of their facilities while protecting the health of each worker and any visitors to their premises.

Removing dust from the air with a well-made reverse air dust collector will help you produce high-quality products while ensuring the safety and health of your employees. You will be safeguarding the air quality inside your plant and improving the environmental conditions in your community.

Industries and Applications

Low- and medium-pressure reverse air dust collection systems play a role in a range of industries. If your business does work involving agriculture, food, cement, wood, aluminum, steel, or bulk powder, the chances are good that you require a high-quality reverse air dust collector.

Eliminate the mess and danger of working with such particulate matter as animal feed pellet dust and cement dust, and everything in between.



The complexities of evaluating your business requirements for a reverse air dust collector will be easier to address when you partner with the professionals at CAMCORP. Our team is standing by to consult with you on off-the-shelf as well as customized solutions.

To learn more about our reverse air dust collection systems or to request a quote, please contact us today.

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