Low-Pressure SWF™

The CAMCORP SWF Series Reverse Air Filter is a continuous duty, low-pressure, self-cleaning dust collector designed to operate economically and effectively without the need for costly plant compressed air on a wide-range of dry particulate removal applications.


  • Heavy-duty carbon steel construction rated at +/- 20” W.C.
  • Exterior and clean air plenum interior primed and finish painted CAMCORP white industrial enamel.
  • Walk-in clean air plenum with hinged access door provides convenient access to filter bags and internal cleaning system components.
  • Tool-free bag/cage installation/removal is quick and easy.
  • Energy efficient low pressure air bag cleaning system utilizes an internally mounted centrifugal pressure blower fan and rotating cleaning air manifold.
  • Standard round clean-air exhaust outlet (square or rectangular optional), each sized as required.
  • Selection of inlet designs available.
  • Conical hopper with 60-degree side slope, access port and flanged discharge.
  • Pursuant to size and clearance requirements: structural supports welded to the all-welded housing are available to reduce set-up time and minimize installation costs.
  • Externally-mounted centrifugal pressure blower fan designs
  • Flanged or sectionalized construction
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Custom paint colors
  • Exotic paints and coatings
  • Tangential, involute or custom inlets
  • Wide selection of bag filter medias
  • Pleated filter elements
  • Grounding
  • Explosion venting
  • Sprinkler kits
  • Internal service light
  • Quick inspection viewport
  • Hopper access doors
  • Water drain
  • Structural supports / skirt support
  • 70-degree side slope hopper
  • Platforms and ladders
  • Live-bottom anti-bridging augers
  • Rotary valves
  • Slide gates / drum cover kits
  • Dust bins
  • Fans, dampers and silencers
  • Photohelic or Magnehelic gauges
  • Motor starters / electrical control panels
  • NEMA 7/9 explosion proof electrical
  • Thermocouples
  • Flow monitors
  • Pressure transducers
  • Emissions monitors
  • Dust level probes
  • High temperature designs
  • High pressure / vacuum ratings
  • Bin Vent style
  • Wide bag spacing
  • Customized paint

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Aggregate - Classifier Ventilation Fly Ash Fines - Low Pressure Cleaning

Classifier Ventilation - Granite Fines - Low Pressure Cleaning

Agriculture & Ethanol

Alfalfa Seed - Grain Dust - Low Pressure Cleaning

Grain Dust - Low Pressure Cleaning

Grain Dust - Low Pressure Cleaning

Grain Dust Receiving - Low Pressure Cleaning

Soybean Meal - Low Pressure Cleaning

Ethanol - Dried Distillers - Low Pressure Cleaning

Ethanol - Grinding Corn Dust - Low Pressure Cleaning

Ethanol - Grinding Corn Dust - Low Pressure Cleaning

Ethanol - Receiving Grain Dust - Low Pressure Cleaning

Paper & Wood

Paper Dust - Low Pressure Cleaning

Trim Paper Waste - Low Pressure Cleaning

Wood Shaving Chips - Sawdust - Low Pressure Cleaning

Wood Processing - Sawdust - Low Pressure Cleaning

Woodworking Planer - Shavings Wood Chips Sawdust - Low Pressure Cleaning

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