A bulk bag unloader system eliminates the need of handling 25- to 50-pound paper bags and the waste associated with material remaining in the bag and bag removal.  An operator can position bulk bags filled with dry-bulk ingredients by using a fork truck and lifting carriage or by an electric hoist with motorized trolley mounted on the channel beam.

The dry-bulk ingredient can be weighed and transferred to the terminal location by pressure or vacuum convey system. For optimal efficiency, when unloading dusty products, the bulk bag frame can be integrated with a dust filter and exhaust fan.  The collected dust can be returned to the containment hopper or to a dust drum.

Two bulk bag unloaders each with 50 pound sacks


Construction included welded heavy-duty 4″ x 4″ CS square tube frame with side channels

Bulk bags can be positioned by using a fork truck and lifting carriage or by electric hoist with motorized trolley mounted on the channel beam

Spreader bar adapts to a wide range of bag diameters and bag loop designs

48″ diameter dished head serves as a bag rest pan once the bulk bag is positioned in frame

The frame and dished head can be configured with adjustable side or bottom bag punchers to provide flow assistance from the bulk bag

Power hoist, 460 V 3 ph, 60-cycle

Stainless steel or aluminum construction

Load cells to provide product inventory data or serve as a loss-in-weight scaling system

Point level detection for the containment hopper

Control panels and pre-wire assembly

Glove box bag spout access

A bag spout containment hopper features a hinged door for access to the bag spout

An iris valve on the inlet of the containment hopper contains product flow during bag spout untying and re-tying procedures

A vent stub can be included for remote dust collection or a dust chute for integral dust collection

Dished head with an air or electric operated vibrator

Bag liner tensioner

Pneumatic or mechanical conveying product removal systems

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