CAMCORP customers appreciate our comprehensive know-how in all areas of dry bulk material handling systems; the initial receipt, storage, silo discharging and pneumatic conveying solutions. Our expert engineers design cost-effective solutions for reliable pneumatic conveying for gentle and low-wear effect on the product.

The automation of minor ingredients provides a high level of repeatability and accuracy. CAMCORP experts understand the production processes in the food, chemical, plastic, and general industries; which means that we are able to develop pneumatic conveying solutions for your specific needs, a new facility or retrofitting existing plants.

Pneumatic Conveying


  • Truck or railcar unload systems
  • Dehumidification systems
  • Pressure or vacuum blower packages
  • Storage silos
  • Dust collection
  • Silo level inventory control systems
  • Bin dischargers
  • Aeration disc
  • Rotary airlocks
  • Sifters
  • Cyclones
  • Filter receivers
  • Scale hoppers
  • Use bins
  • Volumetric/gravimetric feeders
  • Weighing systems
  • PLC’s and motor starter panels
  • Interface with existing systems and equipment
  • Truck or railcar unload systems to bulk storage silos
  • Storage silos including dust collection and reclaim systems
  • Pneumatic transfer systems from silos to terminal use points
  • Sifting and metering of ingredients
  • Dehumidification and conditioning of air stream
  • Minor ingredient systems including loss-in-weigh batching
  • Central dust collection systems
  • Batch management systems
  • Process controls including PLC and motor starter systems


Dust Collectors by CAMCORP

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Dust Collectors by CAMCORP

Stainless Steel Capabilities

Terms and Conditions

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Blower Pressure 3-75 HP

Drawing for a pressure blower package for 3 HP to 75 HP motor

Blower Pressure 100-600 HP

Drawing for a pressure blower package for 100 HP to 600 HP motor

Blower Vacuum 3-75 HP

Drawing for a vacuum blower package for 3 HP to 75 HP motor

Learn more about unique pneumatic conveying solutions for baking to industrial applications.

Ammonium Zinc Sulfate Filter Receiver


Electric Power Coal Fly Ash

Plastics Pellet Powder Central Vacuum

Project profile featuring vacuum blower package and pleated element filter receiver

Tire Recycling Rubber Vacuum Filter

Pleated element dust collector for rubber project profile


Granulated sugar dehumidification pneumatic conveying system flow drawing


Because granulated sugar is moisture and heat sensitive, CAMCORP engineers incorporate a conditioning package to control humidity and heat in storage and the transfer system. A dehumidifier with the cooling system is utilized to successfully transfer the heat-sensitive sugar from the storage silo to the scale hoppers with no sugar build-up in the system.

The granulated sugar system incorporates either truck or railcar unloading to the storage silos and reclaims the sugar from the silos using conditioned air and transfer to each destination with purge back to an intermediate dust collector that re-feeds the sugar back into the transfer system.

Pneumatic conveying flow drawing for a food ingredient bulk material handling system


Multiple systems with dedicated food flavoring ingredients are vacuum transferred from process equipment to dedicated vacuum filter receivers. CAMCORP engineers worked with the customers’ suppliers to seamlessly incorporate the vacuum convey systems from mixing, extrusion, fluid bed drying, sifting, grinding, and packaging. In addition to the vacuum convey systems, CAMCORP provided plant wide dust collection systems to pull process air and dust to central baghouse filters.

Flour and sugar bulk material handling pneumatic conveying system flow drawing


Dilute phase conveying systems utilizing positive displacement blowers and airlocks were engineered to convey flour and granulated sugar. Because granulated sugar is heat and moisture sensitive and flour is moisture sensitive, CAMCORP engineers incorporate a conditioning package to control humidity and heat in the pressure transfer systems. A dehumidifier with the cooling system is utilized to successfully transfer the heat-sensitive sugar from the storage silo to the scale hoppers with no sugar build-up in the system.

Both flour and sugar systems transfer by dilute phase systems and incorporate in-line sifting to deliver proper sized material free of foreign material prior to the scale product hoppers. A separate pipe with booster fan is used on the flour system to convey the conditioned air to the top of the silo and change out the air every 15-minutes to help remove the moisture and control the silo temperature.


Pneumatic conveying flow drawing of a plastic regrind transfer system


Flexible unloading stations are used to fill and transfer to any one of six filter receivers by a vacuum dilute pneumatic conveying system. Two sets of reclaim systems can feed from the vacuum filter receivers into either one of four silos or vacuumed into railcars or transferred to bulk bag load stations. CAMCORP engineers designed the system to minimize cross-contamination of the various ingredient colors.

Flow drawing of a plastics regrind pneumatic conveying system


This system is designed to accept regrind plastic and transfer from a fines/overs separator to destoner. A pressure pneumatic transfer system reclaims from the discharge of the destoner and then conveys to any one of six bulk storage silos. CAMCORP engineers incorporated two central dust collection systems to vent dust from the devices to one of the two dust collectors.

Flow drawing of a truck and railcar unloading system


High volume truck and railcar unloading systems are designed to provide complete flexibility vacuum pressure convey systems to unload hopper bottom trucks and railcars. Either PD trucks or railcars can unload simultaneously with the hopper bottom style trucks.

Plastic resin is transferred to multiple silos for storage and a pressure reclaim system transfers required resin from a silo and then to a cyclone that discharges into downstream processes.

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