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Bin Vents Industrial Dust Collection Systems

If your organization is in search of a solution to safely handle airborne dust particles in your facilities, you’ve come to the right place. The team at CAMCORP specializes in designing and developing industrial dust collectors for use in a wide range of applications.

Precise control of air flow and venting is essential in any enterprise that works with large industrial bins or silos where dust or other unwanted materials are a factor.

The industrial dust collectors from CAMCORP are built with pulse jet capability to safely vent harmful substances and displaced air. They are suitable for particles including dust from animal feed pellets to dust produced during cement production.

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Benefits of Our Bin Vents

camcorp-pneumatic-conveying-bin-ventsOne of the chief benefits that attract so many customers to use CAMCORP bin vents is that they have features of a pulse jet baghouse and cartridge filter collectors.

Ordinarily, standard bin vents found in the industry today do not incorporate a hopper. Instead, the manufacturer mounts the bin vent on top of dust-generating equipment, such as mechanical conveyors, mixers, scale hoppers, and silos.

But with CAMCORP bin vents, instead of capturing dust and discharging it into a hopper, the pulse-cleaned dust actually falls back into the process equipment to which it is mounted.

Since no ductwork is needed, this lowers the total cost of ownership of your facilities, including duct cleaning and maintenance.

What’s more, CAMCORP designs all our bin vent dust collectors to meet all-too-critical government standards for combustible dust standards.

The bin vents are versatile, able to work in a range of workspace shapes and sizes.

There are no moving parts within the collector, making for easier and faster maintenance.

We can deliver them in a standalone configuration or will provide you with a bin vent to mount on the silo or bin, per your specifications.


How will our bin vents integrate with your industrial processes? An overview of the many features helps to illustrate the possibilities such as selecting the correct filter media to meet the application requirements, explosion venting per NFPA 68, and on-demand cleaning timer board.

Correct selection of filter media to meet application requirementsConfigurable for silos of all sizes and shapes
Explosion venting per NFPA 68NEMA 4, 4X, 7, 9, or 12 electrical enclosures on all collectors
On-demand cleaning timer boardOSHA-approved service platforms
Instrumentation for remote monitoringDesigned to use cages or bags
Paint color is white or envirogreen industrial enamel


Installed CAMCORP bin ventCAMCORP bin vents are available in standard sizes and also can be built to take into account the particular limitations or requirements of your project such as being configured for silos of various sizes and shapes as well as designed to use cages or bags for cleaning.  Safety considerations are also flexible for the application like NEMA 4, 4X, 7, 9 , or 12 electrical enclosures and OSHA-approved service platforms.

No two facilities will be set up the same, so if standard, off-the-shelf configurations don’t meet your requirements, our designers will go over your options so we can engineer a perfect solution just for your organization.

Environmental Health and Safety (EHS)

Your duties as an environmental health and safety professional help you safeguard members of your team as well as the public.

You can rest assured that the bin vents from CAMCORP enable you to meet the requirements of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. The bin vents also are used to ensure work is done following Environmental Protection Agency regulations.

Industries and Applications

Installing a CAMCORP bin vent on top of a siloAny industry with processes that involve dust, from food to chemicals stands to benefit from bin vents. It’s essential that you control them, and do not allow fine particles created during your routine processes to be released to the outside air.

Examples of major industries that benefit from bin vents include Bulk PowderSteelAluminumCementWoodFood, and Agriculture

Following industry best practices and adhering to OSHA and EPA regulations, it’s wise to select your bin vents from a manufacturer with many years of experience and a proven track record in creating both standard and custom bin vent systems.  Our team has many years of experience engineering standard as well as custom bin vents to meet a whole host of applications, such as safeguarding storage bins and their warehouses, conveying, general continuous-duty line where particles are generated, cement kilns, and wood processing facilities.

If you have an application in mind that’s not listed here, please contact us to discuss a solution.



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