Powder and bulk solids dust collection and pneumatic conveying solutions

The Vital Importance of Dust Collection

and Bulk Material Handling for the Powder and Bulk Solids Industry


Dry processing, and powder bulk solids handling can refer to a variety of processes. Whether you manufacture building materials, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, plastics, rubber, or even food products, you are almost certainly producing dust or moving products from one location to another.

Camcorp provides dust collection, pneumatic conveying, and bulk material handling solutions to the powder and bulk solids markets in North America. Camcorp has earned the trust of manufacturers by maximizing dependability and maintaining air quality compliance without sacrificing productivity.

  • Powder and Bulk Solids producers trust Camcorp for:
  • Ensuring APC equipment and pneumatic conveying systems never have a negative effect on production.
  • Maximizing reliability and availability of equipment
  • Anticipating the unintended consequences of process changes to filtration systems
  • Minimizing planned shutdown timelines
  • Efficiently utilizing energy for fans and compressors
  • Tying multiple objectives into a common approach
  • Reducing maintenance, repair, and operations (MRO) spending on dust filtration

Powder and Bulk Solids Application

Dust Collection

Industrial dust collecting systems from Camcorp are customized for your needs. A typical model may not be the best air quality management equipment for your needs. Our dust collection devices can handle seemingly impossible circumstances. Camcorp has the most customizable industrial dust collectors and baghouses. The latest filtration media technologies are also used.

Pneumatic Conveying

Camcorp helps companies automate manual operations to improve production, quality, and personnel costs. Our pneumatic conveying professionals have handled every application and know there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Each application requires precise weighing, inventory management, small and micro ingredient additions to recipes, alarm notifications for unsatisfactory conditions or departures from standards, production reporting, and other system functions.

Bulk Material Handling

Whether you need standalone bulk material handling equipment or integrated storage and batching, our experts have been delivering reliable solutions for over 30 years. Camcorp bulk material handling equipment is designed to maximize the yield of your product and capture fugitive dust to prevent eye, skin, and respiratory irritation.

Pulse-jet Baghouse for Paper Dust

Industry: Paper
Application: Secondary Dust Collector
Product Collected: Paper Dust (No Trim)
Air Volume: 14,600 CFM
Air to Media Ratio: 9.1 to 1
Operating Temp: Ambient
Special Features:
• High entry inlet with staggered channel baffles
• Vertical explosion venting through customer’s roof
• Sprinkler system in clean air plenum

Cyclone and Reverse-Air Dust Collector for Wood Shavings

Application: Venting Wine and Whiskey Barrel Making Operation
Product Collected: Wood Shavings, Wood Chips & Sawdust
Air Volume: 36,000 CFM
Air to Media Ratio: 7.3 to 1 on Dust Collector
Operating Temp.: Ambient
Special Features:
• Cleaning fan and drive for rotating arm is located outside of the clean air plenum
• Explosion Vents
• Backdraft dampers on the cyclone inlets
• Interconnecting ductwork

Plastic Pellet Central Vacuum System

Industry: Plastics Industry
Application: Central Vacuum System
Product Collected: Plastic Pellets and Miscellaneous Powder
Operators: (2) Simultaneous Operator System (9) Available Drops
Motor Size: 7-1/2 Horsepower
Air to Media Ratio: 1.3 to 1
Operating Temp: Ambient
Special Features:
• Included tubing, elbows, couplings and tools
• Included explosion vent on filter/receiver

Lead Oxide Dust Collector

Industry: Battery
Application: Dust Collection
Product Collected: Lead Oxide Dust
Air Volume: 15,000 CFM
Air-to-Media Ratio: 1.5 to 1
Operating Temperature: Ambient
Special Features: Cartridges are accessed from outside of the collector on the dirty air side, but the customer requested a walk-in clean air plenum for inspection purposes.

Pulse Jet Baghouses

Camcorp is best known for manufacturing highly specialized pulse jet baghouses, including high-pressure, high-vacuum, and explosion-containment designs. Camcorp also offers a full range of standard pulse jet baghouses, from bottom or top loading bags to walk-in clean air plenums with various inlet configurations.

  • All welded heavy-duty construction
  • Structural supports engineered for location
  • Pressure/vacuum rating +/- 20” W.C. or as required
  • Standard materials of construction: carbon steel, stainless steel, and special alloys
  • Standard electrical: NEMA 4 timer and solenoid enclosures, or as required
  • On-demand cleaning timer board
  • Instrumentation for remote monitoring
  • Explosion venting suppression per NFPA 68
  • OSHA approved service platforms
  • Paint: standard white or envirogreen industrial 2-part epoxy
A massive industrial reverse air dust collector

Reverse-Air Dust Collectors

Reverse Air models HVP™ (Medium Pressure) & SWF™ (Low Pressure) dust collector series are the premium choice for processing and manufacturing industries where high air volumes and a heavy dust load are common.

The Camcorp reverse air dust collector does not require compressed air. Camcorp is a leader in the industry with their customizable configurations and standard sizes that can handle virtually all dust collection challenges. Capacities range to over 250,000 CFM.


Cyclones have a unique place in the air pollution control industry. They can be used for larger particulate applications as a stand-alone dust collector or cyclones can serve as a primary separator prior to a baghouse.

Depending on the efficiency expectation, product and gas stream characteristics, and downstream equipment, cyclones are available with or without disengagement chambers.

  • SE Series: 120 – 8,000 CFM
  • HE Series: 2,200 – 12,600 CFM
  • HV Series: 6,200 – 71,600 CFM
3 adjacent bin vents installed on top of silos

Bin Vents

Bin vents by Camcorp have the features and benefits of a pulse jet baghouse and cartridge filter collectors. Bin vents do not typically incorporate a hopper but instead are mounted on top of dust-generating equipment such as silos, mixers, scale hoppers, and mechanical conveyors. Instead of discharging the captured dust into a hopper, when using Camcorp bin vents, the pulse-cleaned dust falls directly back into the process equipment it has been mounted to. A Camcorp bin vent dust collector is also designed to meet critical combustible dust standards and can include OSHA-approved service platforms and ladders. The filtering system can be designed to use bags and cages, cartridges, or tailored to fit your application.

  • Correct selection of filter media to meet the application requirements
  • NEMA 4, 4X, 7, 9 or 12 electrical enclosures on all collectors
  • Explosion venting per NFPA 68
  • Paint selected for the application
  • On-demand cleaning timer board
  • Instrumentation for remote monitoring
  • OSHA approved service platforms

Pneumatic Conveying & Bulk material handling

Pneumatic conveying is crucial for automating manual processes, improving production efficiency, and reducing labor costs.

  • Dilute phase pneumatic conveying
  • Filter Receivers
  • Bag dump stations
  • Airlocks
  • Blower packages
  • Central vacuum system
  • Bulk bag unloader
  • Negative airlift
Four adjacent, sizeable tan silos positioned in close proximity to each other