CAMCORP & BAKING AND SNACK FOOD The Vital Importance of Pneumatic Conveying

and Dust Collection for the Baking and Snack Food Industry

Baking and Snack Food Applications

Common baking and snack food applications where CAMCORP has extensive experience:

For baking and snack food manufacturers looking to automate manual processes that improve production efficiency, provide quality control, and reduce labor costs, they can trust Camcorp pneumatic conveying and dust collection solutions. Plant managers and engineers know that Camcorp pneumatic conveying and dust collection systems for baking and snack food applications work every time.

Our diverse product offering for baking and snack processing systems starts with truck or rail unloading, storage, pneumatic conveying to discharge devices, scaling, weighing, and batching. And since Camcorp also designs dust collection systems to application requirements, baking and snack plant managers and engineers don’t need to juggle several equipment suppliers.

Benefits of Pneumatic Conveying and Dust Collection Systems

  • A single point of contact with project management
  • Increase efficiency
  • Increase the capacity of bulk unloading.
  • Minimize new equipment purchases.
  • Minimize product or material breakage.
  • Emission standards and regulatory compliance
  • Increase the accuracy of ingredient batching.
  • Increase the consistency of ingredient batching.
  • Increasing processing flexibility
  • Automate manual operations.

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Dust generated by bucket elevator legs, transfer points, work hoppers, and bins can be ducted to a single fabric dust collector to reduce housekeeping and the chance of a combustible dust explosion. When ingredients such as flour or sugar are emptied into storage bins and silos, dusty air is created as air is displaced as the storage vessel is filled. Bin vents installed on top of these bins collect the dust as it’s created.

  • Truck and railcar loading and unloading
  • Storage and Transfer
  • Receiving
  • Silos, bulk bag unloaders, bag dump stations

Pneumatic Transport

Depending on requirements, pneumatic conveying systems can be designed to deliver product to multiple points from a single source (pressure system), have multiple sources deliver product to a single source (vacuum system), or a combination of the two. Transferring product within a food-safe pipe and tube allows plant managers to feel confident that they can count on safe food handling.

  • Low maintenance
  • Fewer moving parts
  • Fast, accurate distribution of product

Discharge, Weigh, and Batch

Producing a consistent and quality product your customers depend on is critical to your success. Only the best control systems are included in your system to ensure proper operation of all components, including blowers, fans, airlocks, and scaling devices.

  • Rotary airlock feeders
  • Scale Hoppers


Camcorp pneumatic conveying experts know that temperature and humidity can make or break your production process. Product conveyed too hot can not only negatively impact product quality, but it may also have plant managers faced with unexpected downtime or reduced production.

  • Dehumidification
  • Temperature controls
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