Mineral dust collection

The Vital Importance of Dust Collection

and Bulk Material Handling for the Minerals Industry


As a member of the Scheuch Group, Camcorp delivers industrial mineral dust collection solutions such as nuisance dust collectors, process filtration solutions, and maintenance services throughout North America. Together, both companies can maximize reliability and maintain air quality compliance without sacrificing production.

Industrial mineral producers trust Scheuch and Camcorp for:

  • Ensuring APC equipment never has a negative effect on production
  • Maximizing the availability of equipment, including dynamic process conditions,
  • Anticipating the unintended consequences of process changes to filtration systems
  • Minimizing planned shutdown timelines.
  • Efficiently utilizing energy for fans and compressors
  • Tying multiple objectives into a common approach
  • Reducing maintenance, repair, and operations (MRO) spending on dust filtration.

Cement, glass, lime, and gypsum plants appreciate working with Scheuch since our drive for innovation results in process and reliability improvements for end users. Our portfolio of industrial mineral dust collection filter systems, material handling equipment, fans, heat exchangers, and gas cleaning systems is designed to be integrated together for the best results.

Industrial Minerals Applications

Camcorp and Scheuch have extensive experience in industrial minerals applications.


Camcorp and Scheuch are global leaders in cement plant air pollution control. Our filtration systems, material handling equipment, fans, heat exchangers, and gas cleaning systems are all built to last. With our cutting-edge cleaning solutions, cement companies can expect fewer downtime interruptions, lower energy usage, and easier maintenance.


Camcorp draws on the experience of all available air pollution control technologies to keep glass manufacturers running and meeting production goals. Dust generated during glass production is often best captured with baghouses. Bin vents and pulse jet dust collectors are ideal to collect dust at transfer points during the crushing, storage, and mixing of sand, limestone, and soda ash materials. Camcorp also provides maintenance services customized to reduce your MRO spending on dust filtration.


A kiln is vital to keeping a lime plant in production. However, uncontrolled dust puts production at risk of a shutdown. Camcorp has a dust collector solution for any type of kiln and will design a ventilation system that meets your feed rates and airflow requirements. With Camcorp and Scheuch nuisance dust collector solutions, lime producers maintain their air quality compliance without sacrificing production.


Camcorp and Scheuch offer complete dedusting and gas cleaning technology throughout the entire gypsum manufacturing process. Rotary ore dryers, grinding mills, calciners, and board-end sawing activities all require dependable dust collection sollutions. Camcorp provides ventilation solutions for the gypsum industry, from Scheuch’s Impulse pulse-jet technology to small nuisance bin vents, to reduce operating costs and maximize processing uptime.

Classifier Ventilation Reverse Air Dust Collector

Industry: Aggregate
Application: Classifier Ventilation
Product Collected: Fly Ash Fines
Air Volume: 12,000 CFM
Cleaning Mechanism: Low Pressure Reverse Air Cleaning with Rotating Arm
Air to Media Ratio: 2.25 to 1
Operating Temperature: Ambient
Special Features:
• High-entry inlet with abrasion-resistant baffle
• SSPC-SP7 surface prep and special paint

Low-Pressure Reverse Air Dust Collector for Granite Fines

Application: Classifier Ventilation
Product Collected: Granite Fines
Air Volume: 14,400 CFM Each
Air to Media Ratio: 2.7 to 1
Operating Temperature: Ambient
Special Features:
• A special high-entry inlet with a reservoir at the bottom for the product to abrade against itself
• Special paint requiring SSPC-SP6 surface preparation

Bin Vents Captures Various Mineral Dust at Refractory

Application: Bin Vent Dust Collectors (Photo of 10 out of 15 supplied on this job)
Product Collected: Various Minerals in Refractory Plant
Air Volume: 800 CFM Each
Air to Media Ratio: 5.2 to 1
Operating Temperature: Ambient
Special Features: Top Mounted Fans

Bin Vent Dust Collectors for Lime

Industry: Utility
Application: Bin Vent Filter
Product Collected: Lime
Air Volume: 550 CFM
Air to Media Ratio: 4.8 to 1
Operating Temperature: Ambient
Special Features:
• Medium-pressure cleaning
• PD Blower package for cleaning air supplied
• The Blower Package is side-mounted.

Cement Nuisance Dust Pulse-Jet Baghouse

Industry: Cement
Application: Nuisance Collection
Product Collected: Raw Meal Dust
Air Volume: 22,000 CFM
Air to Media Ratio: 5.1 to 1
Operating Temperature: 200°F
Special Features:
• Inlet fabricated out of abrasion-resistant steel
• Supply of a Double Dump Valve
• Special paint system

Pulse-Jet Baghouse for Mining Lime Dust

Industry: Mining
Application: Dust Collector
Product Collected: Lime Dust
Air Volume: 12,000 CFM
Air-to-Media Ratio: 4 to 1
Operating Temperature: Ambient
Special Features: None: Standard Product

3 adjacent bin vents installed on top of silos


Bin vents combine pulse jet baghouse and cartridge filter collectors benefits. Bin vents are mounted on dust-generating equipment such silos, mixers, scale hoppers, and mechanical conveyors. All bin vent dust collectors exceed important flammable dust criteria and have OSHA-approved service platforms and ladders. The filtration system can use bags and cages, cartridges, or tailored to fit your application.

A massive industrial reverse air dust collector


Reverse air dust collector models HVP™ (medium pressure) and SWF™ (low pressure) are the premium choice for processing and manufacturing industries where it’s common to work with high air volumes that involve heavy dust loading. Camcorp leads the industry by delivering the most conventional sizes and configurable configurations to solve all dust collection problems. Our equipment can handle above 250,000 CFM.


High-pressure, high-vacuum, and explosion-containment pulse jet baghouses are Camcorp’s specialty. We also offer a full range of standard pulse jet baghouses, from bottom- or top-loading bags to walk-in clean air plenums with various inlets.

A sizable industrial air purifier positioned atop a building, effectively removing pollutants from the surrounding environment


With its innovative engineering, the Camcorp CAM-AIRO can handle almost any problem involving dry dust and fume collecting. Unlike horizontal designs, which over time may lose approximately 30% of the filter media area, the CAM-AIRO cartridge collector’s vertical design maximizes almost 100% of the filter media surface.

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