The Vital Importance of Dust Collection

and Bulk Material Handling for the Minerals Industry

As a Member of the Scheuch Group, CAMCORP delivers industrial minerals dust collection solutions such as nuisance dust collectors, process filtration solutions, as well as maintenance services throughout the North America. Together, both companies can maximize reliability and maintain air quality compliance without sacrificing production.

Industrial mineral producers trust Scheuch and CAMCORP for:

  • Ensuring APC equipment never has a negative effect on production.
  • Maximizing the availability of equipment – including dynamic process conditions.
  • Anticipating the unintended consequences of process changes to filtration systems.
  • Minimizing planned shutdown timelines.
  • Efficiently utilizing energy for fans and compressors.
  • Tying multiple objectives into a common approach.
  • Reducing maintenance, repair, and operations (MRO) spending on dust filtration.

Cement, glass, lime, and gypsum plants appreciate working with Scheuch since our drive for innovation results in the process and reliability improvements for end users. Our portfolio of industrial minerals dust collection filter systems, material handling equipment, fans, heat exchangers and gas cleaning systems are designed to integrated together for the best results.

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Industrial Minerals Applications

Some of the industrial minerals applications where CAMCORP and Scheuch have extensive experience.


CAMCORP and Scheuch are global leaders in cleaning the air from cement producers.  Our portfolio of filter systems, material handling equipment, fans, heat exchangers and gas cleaning systems are designed for high reliability. Cement producers have come to expect less downtime, lower energy consumption, and easier maintenance using our state of the art cleaning systems.


CAMCORP draws on the experience of all available air pollution control technologies to keep glass manufacturers running and meeting production goals.  Dust generated during glass production is often best captured with baghouses.  Bin vents and pulse jet dust collectors are ideal to collect dust at transfer points during the crushing, storage, and mixing of sand, limestone, and soda ash materials.  CAMCORP also provides maintenance services customized to reduce your MRO spending on dust filtration.


A kiln is vital to keeping a lime plant in production.  However, uncontrolled dust puts production at risk of a shutdown.  CAMCORP has a dust collector solution for any type of kiln and will design a ventilation system that meets your feed rates and airflow requirements.  With CAMCORP and Scheuch nuisance dust collector solutions, lime producers maintain their air quality compliance without sacrificing production.


CAMCORP and Scheuch offer complete dedusting and gas cleaning technology along the entire gypsum manufacturing process.  Rotary ore dryers, grinding mills, calciners, and board end sawing operations are all points in need of reliable dust collection solutions.   From Scheuch’s Impulse pulse-jet technology to small nuisance bin vents, CAMCORP designs ventilation solutions for the gypsum industry to reduce operating costs and to maximize processing uptime.

Reverse-Air Dust Collectors

Reverse Air models HVP™ (Medium Pressure) & SWF™ (Low Pressure) dust collector series are the premium choice for processing and manufacturing industries where high air volumes and heavy dust loading are common.

The CAMCORP reverse air dust collector requires no plant compressed air. CAMCORP leads the industry with the most standard sizes and customize-able configurations available to solve virtually all dust collection challenges. Capacities range to over 250,000 CFM.

Bin Vents

Bin vents have the features and benefits of a pulse jet baghouse and cartridge filter collectors.  Bin vents do not typically incorporate a hopper, but instead are mounted on top of dust generating agricultural equipment such as silos, mixers, scale hoppers, and mechanical conveyors.

  • Maximize product usage and return more product to the process
  • Mounted to silos, mixers, scale hoppers, mechanical conveyors
  • Bags, cages, filters, pleated bags, cartridges
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