The Vital Importance of Dust Collection

and Bulk Material Handling for the Agriculture Industry

Agriculture Applications

The following are some of the grain, seed and feed applications that CAMCORP has extensive experience in:

Receiving & Storage

Almost all dust found in a grain elevator or facility is created at the grain receiving pits. Dust generated by elevator legs, transfer points, and scale bins can be ducted to a single fabric dust collector to reduce housekeeping and the chance of an explosion. Ducting a dust collector to a dryer is also recommended.  When grain is emptied into storage bins and silos, dust is created as the air is displaced and the storage vessel is filled.  Bin vents installed on top of these bins collect the dust as it’s created.

  • Truck and Railcar Loading and Unloading
  • Grain Storage and Transfer
  • Grain Receiving
  • Grain pre-cleaning


As the grain is needed for further processing, it is conveyed to screeners, separators, aspirators, stoners, and scourers all of which create dust that can be ducted to a single or multiple dust collector(s).  Maximize product yield from the hammermill with a dust collector and pneumatically convey it back to the process.

  • Screening and Separating
  • Destoning and Scouring
  • Hammermill Grinding


Once grain has been rolled, sifted and purified, the resulting product such as flour, oats, rice, or animal feed can be pneumatically conveyed to silos which are designed to store and transfer dry-bulk ingredients accurately on-demand.

  • Aspiration
  • Sifting
  • Purification

Bagging & Shipping

CAMCORP has designed efficient pneumatic conveying systems complete with airlocks and rotary valves, scale hoppers, and control systems.  Experts also provide start up and commissioning services.

  • Pneumatic Conveying
  • Bulk Material Handling
  • Positive Displacement Blowers

Reverse Air Dust Collector

Reverse Air models HVP™ (Medium Pressure) & SWF™ (Low Pressure) dust collector series are the premium choice for the Agricultural industry where high air volumes and heavy dust loading are common.

  • No need for expensive compressed air for operation
  • Low pressure cleaning
  • Medium pressure cleaning
  • No plant compressed air required/needed
  • High air volume
  • Heavy dust load

Cartridge Collectors

CAMCORP has the experience to help you select appropriate cartridge collectors for any given application as well as select the appropriate filter configuration.

  • Reduce maintenance and capture more dust with pleated filter elements

Bin Vents

Bin vents have the features and benefits of a pulse jet baghouse and cartridge filter collectors.  Bin vents do not typically incorporate a hopper, but instead are mounted on top of dust generating agricultural equipment such as silos, mixers, scale hoppers, and mechanical conveyors.

  • Maximize product usage and return more product to the process
  • Mounted to silos, mixers, scale hoppers, mechanical conveyors
  • Bags, cages, filters, pleated bags, cartridges

Filter Receivers

CAMCORP has a large selection of round filter receivers that are designed with flexibility in mind.  Ease of maintenance is critical to your productivity, which is why we have multiple options to choose from:  top bag, side bag, or walk-in clean air plenum access.  Round filter receivers can be designed using conventional bags with cages or pleated filter elements.   Typically, when sizing a round filter receiver, they will have higher dust loading and lower air-to-cloth ratio compared to standard dust collection systems.

  • Ideal for high dust loads and lower air-to-cloth ratio

Pneumatic Conveying & Bulk Material Handling

Pneumatic conveying is essential for automating manual processes that improve production efficiency, provide quality control and reduce labor costs.

  • Dilute phase pneumatic conveying
  • Filter Receivers
  • Bag dump stations
  • Airlocks
  • Blower packages
  • Central vacuum system
  • Bulk bag unloader
  • Negative airlift
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