CAMCORP helps customers to automate manual processes that improve production efficiency, provide quality control and reduce labor costs. CAMCORP solutions include vacuum and pressure pneumatic conveying systems, minor ingredient automation, dust collection, and dehumidification systems. We offer integrated process controls including an option for batch management software.

The automation of minor ingredients provides a high level  of repeatability and accuracy.  CAMCORP experts understand the production processes in the food, chemical, plastics, and other general industries; which means that we are able to develop a pneumatic conveying system for your specific needs.


Our dust collection systems can be designed to meet what seem to be impossible situations. With our years of experience and state-of-the-art capabilities, we can meet and exceed your needs.


You won’t find a quicker response to your spare parts requests anywhere else.

Pneumatic conveying control panel screen


Control Systems

You can trust CAMCORP pneumatic conveying experts to design a sophisticated control system that will maximize your process. We’ve tackled every application and know there isn’t a one-size fits all solution when pneumatic conveying is concerned. They require complex integration of precise weighing, inventory management, minor and micro ingredient additions to recipes, alarm notification for upset conditions or variations from standards, report generation and many other processes you may require operating your system.


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