Cyclones have a unique place in the air pollution control industry. They can be used for larger particulate applications as a stand-alone dust collector or they can serve as a primary separator prior to a baghouse.

Depending on the efficiency expectation, product and gas stream characteristics, and downstream equipment, cyclones are available with or without disengagement chambers. Let a CAMCORP sales engineer help you design the right cyclone for your application.



  • All welded 10-or 12-gauge construction
  • Materials of construction: carbon steel, stainless steel, abrasion resistant steel
  • Standard white or envirogreen industrial 2-part epoxy
  • Vortex disengagement chamber
  • Structural supports
  • Flanged inlet and outlet
  • Flanged construction
  • Wear liner
  • Customized paint
  • On food grade applications, grinding and polishing of the welds

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Cyclone Orientation

HE- High Efficiency 2,200 - 12,600 CFM

HV - High Volume 6,200 - 71,600 CFM

SE - Standard Efficiency 20-8,000 CFM

Learn more about unique cyclone solutions for a wide range of industrial applications.


Paper - Cellulose Insulation Treated with Fire Retardant Chemicals - High Volume


Wood - Truck Load-Out Dust Collection - Standard Efficiency

Wood - Wood Dust - High Efficiency

Wood - Wood Shavings, Chips Dust - High Volume

Wood - Wood Shavings, Wood Chips & Sawdust - High Volume

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